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Transportation Planning Section

(1)Research and regulation of traffic and transportation policy.

(2)Integrated plan for transportation system.

(3)Review of transportation impact assessment plan.

(4)Improvement of regional traffic and road planning.

(5)The management of schedules announcement, operation and enforcement of road security work.

(6)Affairs such as appraisal and supervision of traffic maintenance plan.

Traffic Engineering Section

Design,cinstruction and maintenance of traffic signs、singals and marking and improve safety.

Parking Management Section

(1)Enact of parking policy and charge rate.

(2)Planning and management of parking facilities.

(3)Enforcement of parking improvement project.

(4)Preparation, explanation and archiving of related parking regulations.

(5)The appraisal of investment cases of civil units applying for incentives.

(6)Issue of parking lot permit and affairs such as dealing with petitions of people involved in parking businesses.

Public Transportation Section

(1)Operation management and fare deliberation of Urban Bus Carrier, Taxi Carrier and Mass Rapid Transit Systems.

(2)Construction of public transport station and waiting facilities.

Transportation Information Center

(1)Planning for traffic control system development project.

(2)Control and maintenance of automatic traffic control system.

(3)Control and maintenance of Advanced Traffic Management Systems.

Office of Rapid Transit Systems

(1)Comprehensive Planning Section: Network of mass rapid transit system planning, route and station planning, environment impact assessment, operation planning and financial planning, etc.

(2)Construction Management Section: Construction management, budgetary estimate of construction, construction tendering, construction management, quality management, and schedule control, etc.

(3)Civil Engineering and Architectural Design Section: Mass rapid transit engineering of route planning, stations and facilities survey, design and build, etc.

(4)Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Section: Planning, design, procurement, installation, testing, assessment, check-and-receive, mechanical operations, and maintenance of mass rapid transit equipment, station gates, signals, communications, power supply, automatic fare collection system, elevators, escalators, and facilities in the plant, etc.

(5)Land Development Section: Mass rapid transit land acquisition, right-of-way management, management of land development and development contract.

(6)MRT Financial Section: Finance raising and distribution, finance and asset management, management of fund for railway construction and development, etc.

Office of Traffic Adjudication

(1)Handling relevant matters regarding case reception review, case on file management, case transfer, case rejection and data management for automobile (motorbike), driver violating road traffic management case.

(2)Handling relevant matters regarding penalty, execution and immediate adjudication for automobile (motorbike), driver violating road traffic management case.

(3)Handling relevant matters regarding statement, administrative litigation and refund for automobile (motorbike), driver violating road traffic management case.

(4)Handling relevant matters regarding collection, transfer to compulsory enforcement and management of certificate for creditor’s right for automobile (motorbike), driver violating road traffic management case.

Traffic Accident Investigation Committee

Authenticating accidents of vehicles and drivers

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